Working Together


Capability of Services – Executive Summary

At Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance we understand the requirements and challenges of this portfolio and have formulated our proposal with the following key features in mind:

  An integrated and flexible seamless solution incorporating the Facilities Services

  • High calibre multi-skilled team available to support with proven capabilities and experience (assisting in a smooth transition)

  • An organisation wide approach offering clients a true partnership and benefits across all service lines

  • Undertaking all facilities management works in accordance with the clients safety and security requirements

  • Self-delivering of services other than specialist services which may be required.

Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance believe in a collaborative approach to delivering results and achieving mutual goals as a foundation of a  strong enduring long term partnership, one we hope to develop further with residents across your assets.

We only employ experienced and enthusiastic professionals that are at the top of their game and whom are passionate about the assets they manage.

Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance manage and provide major project works to various customers; including building, handyman and maintenance services, fit-out, landscaping, lawns and garden maintenance and cleaning which are all self-delivered.

Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance has an emergency 24/7 call line and can assign calls to our staff or contractors via our work order system which can generate a report of all work requests. Each authorised person will have access to log-in and view this system (ie: strata manager, building manager, village manager).


Upon appointment, and in conjunction with the Village Manager we would move quickly to undertake the following tasks:

  • Work closely with the Village Manager (Pia Cunningham) to ensure the village residents needs and the individual village manager’s needs are met first and foremost.

  • Establish communication with all residents, staff and or contractors, to begin a smooth transition process.

  • Undertake a detailed written physical inspection. That report will form part of the asset strategy.

  • Establish core property level objectives and key deliverables.

  • Ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Company Health and Safety Culture

Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance’s goal is to have an injury, illness and incident free workplace. Our core beliefs in relation to both ours and your safety are:

  • The Health and Safety of all Employees (HSE) is our core value and a major priority.

  • HSE and Quality control is good business practice

  • Injuries in the workplace are preventable

  • No task is so important that it cannot be performed safely

  • To seek and identify all foreseeable hazards and manage associated risks

  • Everyone (employees, contractors, suppliers, customers) has  a  personal responsibility for themselves and others

  • HSE performance can always improve

  • Leadership is an essential part of our health, safety and environmental strategy

  • Working safely and in an environmentally responsible manner are conditions of employment within      Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance.

Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance key objectives to implement our Health and Safety Culture are:

  • Demonstrate visible leadership

  • Implement programs to support the minimal harm strategy

  • Ensure well understood processes are in place for the prevention of workplace injuries and support the safety culture program

  • Promote individual accountability

  • Ensure effective Contractor HSE management

  • Actively engaging and training the workforce at all levels to proactively and co-operatively identify and control risk

  • Implement audit tools to monitor minimum health and safety management standards

  • Encourage employees to be proactive about safety

  • Eliminate unsafe behaviours and workplace conditions

  • The Management Team to communicate safety messages and safety learnings

  • The Management Team to encourage innovative HSE ideas to improve performance

  • The Management Team observing their workplace to reinforce and reward good practice and safety behaviours

Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance is in the process of achieving accreditation for CM3 Accreditation for Quality, Safety and Environmental management. Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance has engaged the services of a Sydney based Consulting Firm to assist on the expedition to certification.

Quality Assurance

Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance understands the importance of delivering a consistent and sustainable service and has developed quality management systems to uphold our values and service standards.

  • Meet or exceed our contractual requirements and satisfy our customer’s needs

  • Achieve a healthy and safe environment in which all employees, contractors and visitors may work and

  • Minimise the environmental impacts of its activities and operations

Environmental Management

Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance is committed to the health and wellbeing of our employees, our clients and the community. Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance recognizes that this can be achieved by not only adhering to our OH&S Policy but also protecting our environment.

Contrast Spaces Cleaning and Maintenance will:

  • Comply with all environmental standards and regulations

  • Provide adequate instruction, supervision and training to ensure all environmental objectives are achieved.

  • Strive towards industry best practice

  • Undertake appropriate reviews and evaluations of our operations

  • Put emphasis on every employee’s accountability in environmental performance

  • Work with our suppliers to deliver green and sustainable products and materials.

Integrating environmental management into our daily operations, short and long term preparation, we aim to achieve constant development in our environmental accomplishments and ensure that best practice will be maintained at all times.


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